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Siri Karlsson is a Swedish duo that embodies the tales and mysticism of Scandinavia with contemporary sounds. If you could imagine the mountains sing and the woods speak, it would probably sound similar to the experimental musical universe of Siri Karlsson. With vocals, alto saxophone, key fiddles and keyboards they create an unorthodox and highly personal hybrid of folk, drone and psychedelia. In cooperation with one of Sweden’s top producers, Jari Haapalainen, Siri Karlsson has revolutionized the conception of contemporary Swedish folk. The album, Gran Fuego (2011), was multi awarded and received high acclaims in domestic and international press. Successfully followed by The Lost Colony (2015), judiciously dipped in ’70s-style psychedelia and a tribal-trance-inducing sonic brew filled with folklore and mysticism, the duo found new audiences in the progressive metal and psychedelic areas. With there upcoming album Shake Shake Love,also produced in cooperation with Jari Haapalainen, Siri Karlsson returns to the duo format experimenting with effects, voice, lyrics and sounds. 

Siri Karlsson consists of Maria Arnqvist on saxophone, keyboards/synthesizers and voice, and Cecilia Österholm on keyed fiddles and voice. Siri Karlsson performs as a duo and with band, depending on venue.

“Cecilia Österholm and Maria Arnqvist did the music for SVT’s acclaimed Astrid Lindgren documentary. It’s a given input, for about Astrid Lindgren and her characters personify the old Sweden as the duo Siri Karlsson a picture the modern Sweden (.. ) … The Lost Colony is a gift from multiculturalism. One of multiculturalism price and should be praised thereafter. “, Daniel Horn, Gaffa

Siri Karlsson’s music, which is all about exploring the wild depths of the imagination, diving into the fantastic unknown, engaging with the alluring occult. Arnqvist (alto saxophone, piano, vocals) and Österholm (nyckelharpa, tenor nyckelharpa, vocals, percussion), are influenced by folk, jazz, rock, electronica, classical music and more, and their music reflects it with a grand, exotic marriage of elements. Igloo Mag

“The music runs in route to the same landscape as in John Bauer 1800-century paintings. Fog descended upon the forest. The moss is heavy dark green. The rock formations are troll grey. “Jan Gradvall, DI